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Zhi Li J.

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Cai, G. Adam Metzler D. Lilia Leticia Ramirez Ramirez M. Yildiz Elif Yilmaz J. Qian Zhou M. Thompson, P. Wu, J.

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Runhuan Feng J. Pengfei Li J. Chen, P. Wanhua Su Mu Zhu, H. David Claudio Tolusso R. Yan Yuan J.

Lawless Prediction Performance of Survival Models. Joonghee Huh A. Hyun Tae Kim M. Hardy Estimation and allocation of insurance risk capital. So-Yeun Kim G. Siu Hang Li M.

Hardy, K. Sofia Mosesova H. Chipman, S. Norberto Pantoja Galicia M.

Quinton Mkhondo obtained a degree in Actuarial Sciences and Financial Mathematics at the age of 19.

Xu Wang H. Chipman, M. Bethany Joy Giddings White R. Matthews, G. Giuseppe G. DiCesare D. Abbasali Khalili Mahmoudabadi J. Asokan Mulayath Variyath B. Abraham, J. Rinku Sutradhar R. Cook, J. Peng Zhang P. Shojaeddin Chenouri C. Zeny Zhe-Qing Feng J. Chen, M. Diego Hernandez Rangel A. Kolkiewicz, M. Cody Blaine Hyndman A. Heunis Affine Futures and Forward Prices. Wenyu Jiang J. Kalbfleisch, J. Stella Wanjugu Karuri W. Welch, D. Theodoro Koulis M. Aurelie Labbe M. Victor Mooto Nawa K. Jianmin Pan J.

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Bingshu Chen R. Cho-Jieh Chen H. Lawless Methods for the Analysis of Multivariate Failure times. Wei Wei R. Kopciuk D.

Modeling default dependency and its application to finance and actuarial science

H Raymond Lam W. Welch, S. Mark Reesor D. McLeish, A. Education and Research was the line that showed the greatest number of women. These findings highlight the need for accounting education research to be valued to benefit the development of the accounting profession and improve teacher training. Keywords: Accounting Sciences. Stricto sensu graduation.

In recent decades, research has acquired a privileged status in academia. The aforementioned studies suggest the need for the construction of knowledge that considers the specifics of the accounting area. In this sense, Pierre et al. However, there are still major challenges in the development of accounting education research. At the international level, publications in this field may yet be looked at with prejudice by editors of journals Pierre et al.

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Additionally, studies in the field of accounting education are seldom cited, which further decreases the impact factor of journals publishing articles about the topic. Thus, many editors give preference to research in other fields. In Brazil, there has been little development in accounting education, as it is a relatively new field. Until , there was only one stricto sensu graduate program offering a doctorate degree in accounting sciences in Brazil.

In addition, several conferences and journals have emerged in recent years with the research line "Education and Research". Furthermore, such research considers studies relating to "Accounting Education" and "Accounting Research" as a single research line. The present study, in contrast, evaluates the "Accounting Education" field separately from the "Accounting Research" field and focuses on PhDs in accounting who graduated before December 31, The findings of the present study may contribute to a better understanding of research conducted on accounting education in Brazil.

It may detect trends in accounting education research in Brazil, as well as support new research in the field by mapping the scientific production of PhDs on accounting education.

In this sense, Singleton-Green , p. The assumption is that a faculty member who publishes frequently is more valuable to the educational community than someone who does not publish often. Just as accounting income is used as a measure of success in business life, recognized publications are used as the main indicator of success in academia. For certain scholars, the current excessive valuation given to academic research has negatively affected teaching. Almeida and Pimenta , p. Thus, in Brazil and abroad, established prestige and rewards systems, including financial systems, focus on research instead of teaching and discourage the commitment of teachers to their students Ezcurra, Therefore, research that directly promotes teaching is a teaching-learning resource in which students "learn to learn", creating and recreating knowledge, according to Demo In contrast, "pure" research might ultimately undermine the teaching-learning process if it is not well managed because it directs all the teacher's efforts away from the classroom and towards his "laboratory".

Thus, a teacher researcher does not necessarily need to be an author of textbooks on the subject he teaches, but research must be part of the planning and implementation of his classes. Severino explains that the teacher needs research to teach effectively, as far as the student is concerned, i.