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What are the possible solutions in order to stop this addiction? Hypothesis Through other activities and with the proper guidance of the parents the give to their children, their addiction on computers can be lessen Scope and Delimitation The students of the City College of Tagaytay. Excessive computer use is a problem that can have serious repercussions in both the user and those people around him. This research can provide answers with regards to the problem, and helps to find a way on how to stop or prevent this addiction. With the gathered information, this research will possibly find solutions on the questions related to the research, Effects of computer addiction on the academic Performance of students Related Literature.

Most of our youth and students today are fond of going into internet shop to use computer, without knowledge of their parents what they are up to. They will ask money from their parents telling that they have something to search in the internet for their project or assignments, although others do so, but there are some who just make it as an alibi so that they can compete skills with their peers through playing games online like for example war craft, battle realms, DOTA etc.

A nationwide study concluded that although teachers have increased computer availability in their classrooms, they are not integrating computers into the standard curricula. Results indicated that: 1 computers are available at all schools, but are not being used by many teachers; 2 many teachers are technophobic, particularly elementary teachers and secondary humanities teachers; 3 teachers are most worried about dealing with the actual computer machinery in their classroom, about computer errors, and about learning to use computers.

Many people do not know how, or even when computers were first made. Family curfews may lead to computer game addictions.

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If parents give their children curfews that they have to stay at home since a certain time, and because parents respect their privacy, teens may shut themselves in their rooms and do something that parents do not expect. In addition, teens all have their own computers nowadays, so it's…. Internet Addiction In today's world, most Americans use the internet daily for daily needs. It has become very common to go online because it makes research and socializing easier. The internet is a great place for social networking and meeting or communicating with people across the world.

After spending a number of days researching on the topic of internet use,…. Computers have become much more than just a mere tool for sending email and generic business meetings. As it stands now, computers and other internet-dependent devices have expanded out of their comfort zones and into the social, economic, and entertainment domains. However, technology has also proved to us it can, in an alarmingly rising number of cases, do a great deal more harm than good.

Such a situation would be in the form of addiction. As we find more and more methods…. Pathological Internet Use or Internet Addiction is a type of impulse control disorder. Holliday 10 Psychologists put it under this category because the effects of chemicals produced in the brain during Internet use haven't been properly documented. The addiction is similar to an obsessive compulsive disorder and is also often compared to alcoholism.

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Technology is a beautiful discovery, but like everything there are pros and cons. I never really had the chance to witness the birth of the technological era, as computers were around well before I was born. I believe that computers have made us smarter because we can access exponentially more information than our predecessors, but Pulitzer prize finalist, Nicholas Carr, thinks technology hurts our ability to focus.

Carr essentially believes that technology feeds our brains too many distractions…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Of course.

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The great majority of people can and do play in moderation. They play games for personal entertainment, as a way to relax, and to socialize with friends, in their free time.

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However, there are those who are way more likely to become addicted to computer games. For these people, certain games very often MMOs appear to have a high risk for addiction and may need to be avoided adults or banned children in order to prohibit unhealthy gaming habits. Game is one of the most greatest technology industry right now. Developer can get so many advantages, but game addiction certainly is a bad addict and still be the mysterious problem. It can make parents worry about their child.

Game addiction can attack anyone, no matter teens or adult, but the most are kids. We must monitoring and reminding each other to keep off this problem.

Actually, this addiction is very difficult to solved, but if we can execute this well and correctly, it will succeed and can help patients. There are some ways to resolve that, such as by individual therapy, family therapy, facilities treatment etc. Most people can and do play in moderation.

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They play games in their free time, to entertain themselves. However, it exists the possibility to become addicted at some others. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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