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This requires a certain amount of composition activity.

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Texters must decide the most efficient set of words to include in their message in order to convey meaning. Students can write and voice ideas in many different registers.

However, I think the kinds of real world applicability of student work in classes makes these new digital tools much more relevant for students beyond their schooling years. I read a fascinating article that talked about the impact of micro-blogging on writing.

What the article went on to explain however, was that many people who blurt something out on these sites are also actually taking the time to digest what others are saying on the matter, collaborate or chat with the others who are talking about the same thing, and then in turn they feel more compelled to go on and take the time to compose a longer piece of writing — such as a blog post. I see a lot of truth to this idea. In essence, the micro-blog has become to some their pre-writing. In addition, most agree that many forms of personal expression are more accessible to the average student than has been the case for past generations.

Ultimately, most of these teachers see their students expressing themselves in text and other formats more so than was the case when they themselves were in middle and high school.

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  7. Asked in focus groups, if students today simply write more, in sheer quantity, most participating AP and NWP teachers agree this is the case. Digital technologies provide many opportunities to practice writing through participation. Be it at a museum, walk through the old neighborhood, or on a wilderness hike. Writing is no longer limited to a designated time or location. They enjoy writing. When you talk to these kids, they like to write.

    The informality of the written word and how students use the language is the downside of technology, but the upside is that students are communicating in the written form much more than I ever did at their age. The ease of accessibility brought via technology has opened the availability of writing opportunities for students today.

    Some devices have tempted students to write everything as if it were a text, but teacher focus on this issue can channel the text craze into more academic writing. I think like all technologies, there are good and bad points, but at least the thought processes of writing are taking place.

    30 Ideas for Teaching Writing

    I was going to echo what [other teacher] said about the various increased avenues of expression. That is a good thing, without question. These results are not surprising, given the large number of writing teachers in the sample and the focus on formal writing in much of the U. Moreover, many see tremendous value in longer writing assignments that require students to organize their thoughts and fully develop complex ideas particularly because they often have to present ideas on standardized tests in this format.

    They see longer, formal writing assignments as an important juxtaposition to the more informal and often more truncated styles of expression in which their students regularly engage. Throughout focus groups, AP and NWP teachers expressed the belief that students must master all styles of writing in order to be successful across social domains and to communicate with different audiences.

    There is great purpose and value in teaching students to write long and formal texts. Again, there are a whole lot of ideas that simply cannot be reduced simply without serious distortion or reduction. Consequently, developing complex ideas and thinking often requires longer texts. Writing is a demonstration of thinking, after all. So the deeper and more complex the thinking, the more that is reflected in the writing.

    As for formal texts, academia certainly requires a greater level of formality but so does a lot of work in the political, legal, and commercial world. Formal writing is almost always a factor that can be used for exclusion. Inability to write formal texts potentially robs students of voice and power.

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    Arguably more important is the ability to recognize and adjust to the context that is appropriate for a given purpose. So knowing when and how to write with greater formality is an essential skill.

    The organization and critical thinking skills that must be employed when students write a longer, more formal piece are skills that will students to become better, more engaged citizens. The processes of brainstorming, researching, evaluating, selecting, analyzing, synthesizing, revising are all skills that help students become more critical citizens, more discerning consumers, and better problem-solvers. I want students to grapple with the complexity of a subject, to see it from all sides by way of a formal written response. Further, I think breaking down that response into its finer parts help me to teach the components that would go into an extended response.

    Before going into their response, I ask my students to define their terms and to set their parameters for the paper, not only as a service to their readers, but as a guidepost for themselves. In this respect, writing informal and formal texts serves as role playing exercises as much as they do anything else.

    Five Creative Writing Exercises I Love

    It is practice in being critical, analytical, reflective, informative and so on. Writing it allows us to become familiar with it—we may never write an informative review once we leave school, but some…many…will want to read reviews before they spend their own money on something. Long texts give students the opportunity to deeply analyze an idea. Longer texts are essential to articulate complex concepts and beliefs. Although not everyone will be asked to write a long academic paper for their jobs, the reflection that goes behind this type of writing is critical for everyone. The process of making thinking transparent and clear to others is essential to knowing the why behind the what.

    10 Best Writing Prompts for High School English Students

    The notion of form al texts supports the idea of knowing how to communicate with various audiences. The more registers a person has in his or her arsenal, the more effective that person will be when communicating with a diverse group.

    Part II: How Much, and What, do Today’s Middle and High School Students Write?

    I think that there is value of having long and well organized thoughts about a topic. I think that when we delve deeply into a topic and have to provide an argument or exploration then we must be able to write logically and coherently and be able to develop a point without getting off track. We must be able to write for an audience and provide evidence and delve deeply.

    Empowering Young Writers

    I think there are also audience needs to be met when deciding on what level of formality we will write with so I see the value in teaching formal writing. People have to produce reports for colleagues and prospective business partners and college professors so this is obviously a skill that needs to be learned. Writing is crucial across the curriculum. Good writing teachers teach students how to communicate a logical argument that is well-researched. Email Me shc. Follow Me by Email! Grammar Fun! Click to purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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