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Lastly, it is tempting to be going around the country for vacation or leisure time activities with your friends. Entertainment is fine, but make sure you think about the cost too.

Some leisure activity like going to the park nearby your flat would not cost much. It can be enjoyable too. Alright, enough nagging from your big sister. I trust you know that I am just trying to help you have a disciplined financial planning. Take care for now and will chat with you on the phone soon. Your sister,. This may look like a simple topic but try to make it vivid and interesting by adding an exciting incident during the outing that can bring life to your story. Happy trip - so blessed to enjoy this free trip - luxurious - free - good time with friends - rare opportunity.

You need to agree or disagree with this question and support your opinion with valid reasons. Make sure you provide examples along with your reasons to further consolidate it.

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Freedom - something everyone wishes to have. Disagree - parents should not give children more freedom - for their own good - only when they are older and more mature. The topic is straightforward and many approaches can be used. You can reflect on how important it is to save money for the future, or even write about someone who has a personal story or your own story on saving money for his or her future. Make sure you have sufficient examples to support your points.

Saving money for the future - extremely important - yet not many people do it - many reasons why we should save. Saving money for the future - must be done - do not neglect - if not - regret - when time of trouble comes. The narrative essay should begin with the given lines. Although the lines give an impression of a very ordinary day in a classroom, try to bring your story to life by describing interesting incidents that happened during that day in school or even using the lines as a flashback to the past.

Make sure your storyline is interesting. The teacher walked into the class room - it was the first period - History class - Puan Rahmah - as she taught - loud scream - back of the class - everyone shocked - turned to the back - classmate - Nora ran out of the classroom hysterically - crying. Conclusion :. Puan Rahmah - glad to help - students - like her own children - one of the best teachers in the school. This one-word essay is free for interpretation and you can approach it in many ways. It can be a factual, reflective or even a narrative essay.

You can write about the importance of cleanliness, or how cleanliness has been neglected. You can also write how you personally show cleanliness in your life. Everyone in my family - thinks - I am a hygiene freak - cleanliness - top on my priorities - cannot stand - even a tiny speck of dust - room - always clean.

Based on the three types of writing, this section is divided into three main sections.


For every section, specific notes and guidelines are given to guide teachers and students. The guidelines offer useful tips to students as to what to do and what not to do when writing on the given topic. The model answers on each topic provide students with a good idea of what is required by each topic. They also help give students a very good idea of how to answer the writing questions. Teachers and students will enjoy using these guidelines while at the same time attain better writing skills. S peech Writing. Speeches are talks delivered by the presenter during formal or social occasions.

It is usually a speech on a topic to pass on information or advice to the audience.

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Guidelines in Writing a Speech:. Start your speech with an opening line. In your opening line, greet your audience. You should greet them in order of importance. For example, you must greet your principal first before your teachers and fellow students. After greeting, mention the topic of your speech.

Then, write your speech in paragraphs. Organise the given points in sequence. You can add your own points. Support your points with details and examples. End your speech with a closing statement. You can thank your audience. Greet your audience in order of importance. Greet your principal first before your teachers and fellow students. Write short paragraphs for the body of your speech. For instance, do not greet your teachers and fellow students before your principal.

Do not write long paragraphs for the body of your speech. Model Question 1. You are an Officer with the Tourist Board.

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Write your speech. Use the following notes in your speech:. When writing your speech, you should remember to:. Model Answer. Good morning, Mr Lee, the School Principal, teachers and students. I am Peter Liew, from the Tourist Board. As we all know, these two aspects of tourism are getting popular in Malaysia. In fact they are a major reasons for attracting tourist to the country in recent years. What is agro-tourism? It is a fast-growing concept in the tourist industry which offers visitors a whole range of activities related to the agricultural and plantation sectors. It has become popular especially among city dwellers who wish to have a taste of village life.

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It provides the opportunity for them to see and learn something different. One of the places they can visit for agro-tourism is Melaka Agropark. It is located just 20 km away from the Melaka city centre. During the fruiting season, tourists are able to savour the freshness of local fruits. For the adventure buffs, facilities are available for camping, fishing, canoeing, paddle boating, jungle trekking and even tree climbing.

Eco-tourism, on the other hand, has its primary focus on experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation. This aspect of tourism contributes actively to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. I hope my speech has been informative. Thank you for listening. Vocabulary Guide. Taste - experience. Undulating - to be shaped like wares that are rising and falling.

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Buffs - one who is interested in something and knows a lot about it. Diverse - varied, different. Model Question 2. Imagine you are a counsellor from Raman Child Development Centre. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Parents and teachers should pay attention to developing the reading skill in children. A study made on a group of children in a kindergarten school found out that children from the age of two to three, who were read to several times i day, did substantially better in kindergarten at the age of four and five than those whose parents read to them only a few times a week.

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Children learn to love the sound of language before they even notice the existence of printed words. So one effective way to develop their reading skill is to read books aloud to them. Reading aloud to them stimulates their imagination and understanding of the world around them. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. My advice to you parents is to start the child young. At just a few months of age, an infant can look at pictures, listen to your voice and point to objects on cardboard pages. So guide your child by pointing to the pictures and saying the names of the various objects.

Even after your children have learnt to read by themselves, it is still important for you to read aloud together. Developing reading skills and thus cultivating the reading habit in children will without a doubt benefit them greatly. With a love for reading our children will not only enjoy the excitement and imagination of a good book but they will also grow up with a thirst for knowledge and new experiences.