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In order to reap the rewards that a state of calmness can bring into your life, you will need to become more mindful. Being more mindful means being more centered and focused on the moment. It means letting go of past regrets. It means redirecting your mind away from current stresses , and it also means refocusing yourself away from future worries.

A state of calmness also requires patience. Sometimes you need a little patience and time to understand the events and circumstances of your life. Sometimes you need the patience to gain a deeper insight into your predicament. Likewise, calmness also requires optimism and faith. You need optimism to help you find the motivation you need to journey through the thick dark fog of your problems. And you need faith to help you find your way when you lose yourself in the turmoil of your emotions. Optimism will help you find the desire you need to move forward, and faith will provide you with the courage you need to persist through the obstacles that stand in your way.

Ask yourself:. Answering these questions honestly and thoroughly will hopefully provide you with a deeper insight into your patterns of behavior. Use these insights to help you make better choices moving forward. As you go about your day, there will be moments when you will face pressure situations.

Something unexpected might happen, your emotions will spin out of control, and it will momentarily seem as though the entire weight of the world has fallen on your shoulders. In fact, the decision you make at this very moment could either help you improve the situation or might very well make things much worse than they already are. In order to make the right decision, you will need to stay calm, centered and focused on the right things and in the right way.

Here are some suggestions:.

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When under pressure, take time to immediately remove yourself from the situation temporarily. Sometimes the things that trigger your emotions are phantoms. You are in fact creating the emotional pressures within yourself, and this is causing you to feel pressure externally. This is an illusion. Moreover, gaining clarity about your desired outcome will help you filter out unnecessary and irrelevant factors.

It will allow you to re-prioritize the things you need to focus on to help you get through this difficult emotional experience. Prioritizing things accordingly helps you to focus on the most important and relevant factors that will allow you to move through this pressure situation successfully. In fact, the moment you pinpoint these critical areas is the moment you can begin working your way through this situation in a more intelligent and calming manner. No longer should the circumstances of the situation phase you.

Instead, you should now be in full control of your emotional responses, and can now calmly and sensibly work through your problems. If after going through these sets of questions you are still finding your emotions overwhelming and difficult to deal with, then consider the lighter-side of the situation. Hopefully, the answer to this question will help shift your perspective about your circumstances. It might even help you relax and calm yourself down.

And that might be all you need to move through this situation successfully.

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There is no separation between things. Everything becomes one thing, and this is what overwhelms you. The better way to handle yourself is to pay attention to the details. The more attentive you are, the more you will pick-up. And as a result you will no longer bundle everything into one big uncontrollable problem, instead, you will see things as individual pieces that are part of the larger puzzle that you now need to figure out how to solve.

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The mindset you bring into pressure situation is absolutely critical. Part of this mindset is the language you use to talk to yourself during these difficult emotional moments. Your language can either help you calm yourself down, or it can lead you down the path of overwhelm and panic.

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For instance, saying:. This type of language will make you feel centered, calm and in control of yourself and your emotions. Another aspect of empowering language is the process of asking the right kinds of questions that will help you to stay calm, centered and focused on the right things. For instance, during pressure situations try asking yourself:. These types of questions will help you maintain control of your emotions. They will also help you to redirect your emotions in a more positive and helpful way.

The language you use and the questions you ask yourself translate into the thoughts you indulge in during pressure situations. These thoughts can either be empowering and helpful, or they can be limiting and unhelpful. Examples of unhelpful thoughts include blaming yourself, blaming other people, or blaming your circumstances.

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All of these methods of thinking about your situation are not helpful. In fact, thinking this way will make you feel absolutely miserable and will prevent you from moving forward in a calm and controlled fashion. Instead, focus on things you can control. And that control comes from within yourself. You can control the language you use and the questions you ask yourself.

Once you have these things under your control, you will likewise gain control over your emotional responses and thoughts.

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And this will naturally lead to a greater sense of calmness and emotional stability, which is exactly what you need to help you get through this pressure situation successfully. When you are facing a pressure situation, you are left with two choices. You can either try and work through the situation by yourself, or you can seek the support of people who have had experience in this area and will, therefore, be able to help you work through this successfully. If you try and work through the situation by yourself, you may make mistakes and may hit roadblocks that could potentially derail your efforts temporarily.

However, if you take the time to speak with someone who has gone through something similar, they may very well provide you with the guidance you need to help you move through this situation successfully. Moreover, their support may provide you with the confidence you need to stay centered, calm and relaxed moving through this difficult moment of your life.

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  • In order to handle pressure situations far more effectively, you will need to become a more relaxed and calm individual. Calmness is, of course, a state-of-mind, however, in order to get to that state-of-mind, you will need to adopt some new habits, behaviors and potentially shake up your routine a little to allow time for more relaxation and periods of self-reflection.

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    Calmness, of course, begins from within, on a psychological level. Building a relaxing and nurturing working environment depends entirely on what specifically makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. You might like to install some colored lights, play peaceful music, use tranquil nature sounds, stimulate the senses with aromatherapy, or maybe even use a well-placed fountain or some candles to help bring a warm, peaceful and friendly energy into the room.

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    The choice is completely yours to make. There may very well be moments of your day that are frantic and hectic. These moments are simply a part of your working life, and it can certainly be difficult to work around them. Let them be. You can do this by taking nature walks in the local park.

    You can also do this by taking a warm bath at the end of the day, or maybe a massage during the middle of the day can help extinguish stress, anxiety and worry from your body. Consider also taking time to nourish your spirit throughout the day with prayer, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi and other practices that will help you keep your emotions calm, relaxed and centered.

    Visualization is a fantastic method for grounding yourself during times of intense emotional turmoil and uncertainty. Find a quiet place without distractions where you can lie down or at the very least sit down comfortably. Initially, allow your mind to wander and just find its place in the moment. However, after a few minutes take control of the images forming in your imagination and imagine a tranquil place — a sanctuary of sorts that you can escape to.

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    This is a place filled with all the things that make you feel comfortable, at peace and relaxed. Spend five to ten minutes at a time exploring this place, relaxing within this imaginary world, and allowing all your stresses and worries to melt away. In fact, use the time you have within this sanctuary to think about your life, circumstances, and problems.

    click here Just maybe within this place, you will find the necessary perspective and the answers you need to help you get through the pressures of life.