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District 9.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Horror by Bev Vincent

The Objective. Dawn of the Dead.

The Last House on the Left. From Dusk Til Dawn. Event Horizon. Deep Blue Sea. Stir of Echoes. Final Destination. Jeepers Creepers.

The Mothman Prophecies. Eight Legged Freaks.

Stephen King's The Body made me feel like I was 11 again

Shaun of the Dead. Feux Rouges.

Stephen King - "Let’s talk about FEAR"

The Jacket. Pan's Labyrinth. The Descent. Snakes on a Plane. The Hitcher. The Mist.

How Stephen King Scares You - A Video Essay

Along with Lovecraft and Robert E. He was also a friend and follower of Lovecraft's, and this story's cosmic qualities are certainly satisfying in a Lovecraftian way. Though she's often best remembered now for her determination and involvement in the early feminist movement, Atherton was also capable of writing some really creepy stuff, as this story proves.

Zant and the Ghost" by Wilkie Collins. Dickens is not actually the sole author of this piece. He's the orchestrator, who collaborated with several other authors including Wilkie Collins to create a nice collection of spookiness, which makes it a very intriguing experience. There's even the classic Dickensian connection between ghosts and Christmas. Sherlock Holmes will always be his most famous creation, but Doyle was adept at spooky stories as well, including this one.

Though you might not know her name, Freeman was a very prolific and prominent author in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and her output included effective ghost stories like this one. This story about a man who witnesses a devilish gathering in the woods is one of Hawthorne's most famous, and it's still very effective. This tale of a man haunted by a supernatural presence was crafted by one of the most famous practitioners of the short story, and is certainly worth a read.

This creepy tale of monstrous machinery is one of Poe's most famous, and if you've never reader it, now might be the time. The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde might be his most famous scary work, but it's not his only one.

Stephen King - "Let’s talk about FEAR" — GeekTyrant

Check out this creepy tale for more of Stevenson's knack for horror. James is still considered a master of the ghost story, and this tale is one of the best examples of why he deserves that title. In this tale, the King of Horror revisits his iconic fictional town of Castle Rock for a story of marital strife and general creepiness. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.

Late to the Party: Stephen King’s IT

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