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Essays in Chinese firm-bank switching.

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Cross, Paul Patient and public involvement in the benefit risk assessment of medicines: developing a semi quantitative framework to incorporate patient views as key criteria in decision making. Sheil, Humphrey Discovering user intent In E-commerce clickstreams. Wiradanti, Bahana Container hub port development in a peripheral location: The case of Indonesia.

Brook, Amy Local microRNAs in peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis.

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Stokniene, Joana The design and assembly of tailored oligosaccharides as polymer therapeutics for improved treatment of chronic respiratory disease. Silva, Filipa Exploring new methodologies for the synthesis of garlic metabolites.

Hanks, Samuel How the social and physical aspects of massage parlours affect the way sex workers experience, interpret and contextualise their labour. Staines, David Stochastic equilibrium, the Phillips curve and Keynesian economics. Mugabi, Ivan Protective obligations owed by states to persons with disabilities under international human rights law, before, during and after situations of armed conflicts. McIndo, Christopher Transport effects in InSb quantum well heterostructures.

Mendez, Melissa Youthmen with big man mentality: An exploration and analysis of the narratives of young offenders in Trinidad and Tobago. Lacey-Barnacle, Max Exploring local energy justice in times of austerity: Civic energy sector low-carbon transitions in Bristol city.

Oliyide, Rilwan Load management of electric vehicles and heat pumps in emerging electricity system. Arikat, Farah Microneedle delivery of antigen-specific immunotherapy for Type 1 diabetes. Stonkute, Solveiga Deep learning as an alternative to global optimization in diffusion model for conflict tasks. Lanning, Ben The role of prostate cancer small extracellular vesicles on the bone environment.

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King, Helen Mary The stability of new generation intravenous lipid emulsions. Al-Doboon, Ali PhD Thesis, Cardiff Univeristy. Al-Omairi, Baida MRI characterisation of the lumbar spine in lower trunk rotation. Guice, George Origin and geodynamic significance of ultramafic-mafic complexes in the North Atlantic and Kaapvaal Cratons.

Ruiz Esquius, Jonathan Catalysis to produce solar fuels: From the production of hydrogen via water splitting, to hydrogen conversion to methanol by its reaction with CO2. Evans, Ruth Schmieder-Gaite, Tina The impact of governance and low carbon finance on the built environment — two European case studies with a focus on regional domestic retrofitting and policy. Thompson, Charlotte Greig-Midlane, Jack A mixed-method exploration of neighbourhood policing reform in austerity era England and Wales.

Gordon, Harriet Al-Ahmadi, Wajdan The role of the ERK1: STAT1 serine phosphorylation axis on key atherosclerosis associated cellular processes and the anti-atherogenic actions of hydroxytyrosol. Varricchio, Carmine Novel drug therapy for mitochondrial optic neuropathy. Morgan, Kathryn Eyre, Olga Chronic irritability in ADHD: examining clinical and genetic links with depression. Van Tuyl, James Carbonate platforms on equatorial margins: Geometry, evolution and importance on the world's equatorial margins.

Masetti, Giulia Deciphering the role of the gut microbiome in autoimmune thyroid disease. Knight, Cathryn The dyslexia system: Using the Millennium Cohort Study and a survey of teachers to investigate the perceptions, predictors and repercussions of the dyslexia label.

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Sexton, Dane Coal agglomeration in blast furnace injection coals. Al-Zughaibi, Ali Automotive suspension system modelling and controlling. Toscano-Davies, Luigina Women's employment policy in Italy, Clayton, Stephanie Dgali, Nabiel Investigation of No-load and on-load performance of a model three-phase transformer core operating under sinusoidal and PWM voltage excitation. Reynolds, Jonathan Real-time and semantic energy management across buildings in a district configuration.

MacIno, Margherita Tuning the activity of supported metal catalysts.

Alheneidi, Hasah The influence of information overload and problematic Internet use on adults wellbeing. Purbrick, Margaret Anne The Medieval Romance of Jaufre: a storyteller's perspective. Jassey, Victoria Rosemary Dennis, Christina An interpretative phenomenological analysis of midwives' experiences of promoting normal birth in an Alongside Midwife Unit in the United Kingdom.

University of Cardiff. Zaidi, Sayyeda Production of informal trading spaces - A case of Karachi, Pakistan. Steele, Oliver G. An electrophysiological assessment of the use of stem cells in neurological disease modelling and therapy. Adam, Manal Miah, Hushneara Procuring the future: A study of low carbon procurement processes for sustainability in Wales. Jose, Khadijat Doherty, Joanne Louise Excitatory-inhibitory balance in children with 22q Davies, Laura Beth Dewisiadau dysgwyr: cynyddu'r niferoedd sy'n astudio trwy'r Gymraeg ac yn ddwyieithog mewn Addysg Bellach.

Bill, Sian An interpretative phenomenological analysis of the transition from child to adult services for young people with Cystic Fibrosis and their families in Wales. Rees, Michael Trimmis, Konstantinos Recording archaeological senses in subterannean archaeological sites. A methodological approach on Neolithic caves from the Western Balkans and Greece. Cocks, Alexander Fibroblast uptake of prostate cancer vesicles.

Parker, Luke The catalytic decomposition of ammonia. Kotbi, Ahmad Perforated solar screens to optimize daylighting and maintain privacy in girls' schools in hot arid areas: The case of Saudi Arabia: Investigating parameters of perforated solar screens. McCann, Henry New drug therapies to kill TSC2-deficient cell lines. Khazraji, Saddam Machining of Fe49Co2V alloys used in electrical machines; investigation and evaluation of coating effects on their magnetic and mechanical properties.

Simler, Amber An investigation into positive behavioural support and quality of life. Cross, Ellen Investigation of social olfaction in a Neuroligin 3 Knockout mouse model. Islam, Muhammad Towards optical biosensors based on whispering-gallery modes in microsphere resonators.

Sims, Elizabeth Supporting children through transitions in early childhood education in England: perspectives of educational psychologists and school staff. Jones, Ruth Elizabeth Court, Emma Compton, ReBecca Elizabeth RPG: Role-playing gender, and how the game industry has sustained and defied sexism. Alghareeb, Shaimaa Selective oxidation of n-butanol using heterogeneous platinum metal nanoparticulate-based catalysts. Ebdon, Timothy The impact of turbulence and turbine operating condition on the wakes of tidal turbines.

Shah, Parag Preparation of mixed metal oxide catalysts for VOC total oxidation. Jones, Ashley Thomas Albasri, Samia Modelling talking human faces. O'Morain, Victoria The beneficial effects of the Lab4 probiotic consortium in atherosclerosis. Rutherford, Stephen Boyd, Blair Elizabeth Temporal structuring in a portfolio of original compositions.

Volume 2 of 2: Academic commentary. Price, Lloyd Edward Workers, mothers, pests: Co-evolutionary perspectives on domesticated cattle in early twentieth century North India. Barter, Michael Investigating simultaneous microwave dielectric and structural characterisation of heterogeneous gas sorption processes. Clement, Emily Parents' perception and experiences of national tests in primary school in Wales: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Ryan, Luke Elective home education in Wales: Post transition and the role of the educational psychologist.

Lewton, Marcus Restrictive and repetitive behaviours and anxiety: A systematic review and Autistic traits and anxiety: The mediating role of coping style. Harris, Emma Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for child and adolescent mental well-being: A systematic review and an acceptability and feasibility study of a universal intervention.

Hashim, Zahraa Investigating the potential of biosurfactants in the control of tooth infections. Tingle, Louise Royal women, intercession, and patronage in England, Evans, Michael The development and validity of an objective indicator of fatigue for frontline safety critical workers. Al-Musawi, Ammar The development of new artificial intelligence based hybrid techniques combining bees algorithm, data mining and genetic algorithm for detection, classification and prediction of faults in induction motors.

Whitehead, Bradley Assessment of novel therapeutics and development of monoclonal antibody targeting moieties for drug delivery systems in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Slade, Rhiannon Pass, Rachel Louise Characteristics of the effects of genetic variation in rodent models of risk for schizophrenia and neurodevelopment disorder. Hobbs, Richard James, Amy The efficiency of the educational psychology report: An explorative study, considering views of recipients, including young people, caregivers, education and health. Khan, Kamran Do kindness and gratitude interventions improve the well-being and relationships of children in school?

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An exploratory study into the efficacy of one such intervention. Prosser, Claire Reid-Williams, Alice Childhood trauma: impact and interventions. Mezoughi, Aysha The synthesis and evaluation of novel soluble lytic transglycosylase inhibitors. Richards, Nia The catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide. Howard, Tina The relationship between shame, perfectionism and anorexia nervosa.

D'Lima, Peter Promoting tolerance to personal uncertainty: an exploratory study of a preventative universal intervention. Peters, Louise A systematic review and empirical study exploring the experiences of staff working in services for homeless people. Narayan, Rohan Biological evaluation of an L-dideoxy Bicyclic Nucleoside Analogue active against measles virus. Folkes, Louise Mary Collective re imaginings of social mobility: Insights from place-based, classed and gendered im mobility narratives. Thomas, Dale Al-Saymaree, Muthana Exact strip analysis and experiments on buckling and post-buckling of plates and stiffened panels with mode jumping.

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Wragg, Darren Novel computational methods for biomechanistic and metallodrug discovery. Gladwyn-Khan, Misbah Transdiagnostic approaches and supported-bibliotherapy for psychological problems after stroke. Mathew, Donna Measurement of pathologically relevant adipocyte-derived extracellular vesicles. King, Jonathan Auryn Investigation and prediction of pollution in coastal and estuarine waters, using experimental and numerical methods. Kuster, Corentin A real time urban sustainability assessment framework for the smart city paradigm.