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An example of a generic drug, one used for diabetes, is metformin. A brand name for metformin is Glucophage. Brand names are usually capitalized while generic names are not. A generic drug, one used for hypertension, is metoprolol, whereas a brand name for the same drug is Lopressor. A branded medicine is the original product has been developed by a pharmaceutical company.

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When a company develops a new medicine, their product must undergo and pass rigorous tests and evaluations to ensure that it is both effective in curing the condition it claims to treat and safe for human use. Because pharmaceutical companies invest considerable amounts of money to develop a new medicine, they are given the sole right to manufacture and distribute the medicine for a period of time. In my drug there two types of the medicines are available for the patient.

The main advantages of the generic drugs is they available to the patient chiefly.

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I will provide the those drugs to the patients. The generic medicines are economically comfortable for the the patients. So all the types of the drugs which are available in the medical drug is necessary. The main difference between generic and branded drug is that the generic drugs are the copy of the brand drugs. In early days, there are increase in the use of the generic drugs than the branded drugs. Pharmacists need strong math skills to accurately prepare medicines and explain dosing to clients.

Counting pills or measuring liquid amounts is an integral part of the job. Pharmacists need to accurately count medicine and label bottles correctly. Even minor errors can lead to incorrect usage.

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Pharmacists must accurately enter patient information and prescription data using computer software. Keeping detailed records helps pharmacists track use over time and make recommendations to doctors when they suggest pills that could cause problems when taken with other medications. Pharmacists need strong communication skills to interact with a variety of people in typical day.

With customers, they have to listen, answer questions about prescriptions and clearly communicate proper use and side effects of medication. With doctors, they need to listen well and make certain they get accurate prescription information. Pharmacists also need to communicate well with pharmacy techs who assist in preparing, labeling and selling prescriptions. Directing them on tasks and guiding them love being a pharmacist because of the young woman whom I convinced to stop her laxative abuse because electrolyte abnormalities could lead to major health issues.

She was so thankful to find someone who cared. I love being a pharmacist because my education taught me to recognize that the old man in the deli was having a stroke, and I was able to get immediate attention for him. When I visited him in the hospital, he was doing well. I love being a pharmacist because of the young woman who brought her new antidepressant prescription to me and told me she was scared to take it because of what others would think. We talked about social stigma and counseling. She left with her prescription filled and a smile. She wrote a very nice letter in my honor which helped boost my morale.

My vision is to make my retail drug store is ideal in the society.

According to me the pharmacist should not works in the medical as a not business only but it should works as the in the health care sytem. I will try to make my drug store make the ideal. All the types of medicines are avalible in the drug store.

The image of me as a pharmacist in the public will be popular and famous. The all pharmacist should act in the not only point of view of the business but act as the part of the heath care system. They should be behave with the public and physician with co-ordinately. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails.

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